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Grademiners Review

3.0 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: June 29, 2021
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  • Author: Will Martins

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Grademiners Review


  • Good quality of paper
  • Solid revision policy
  • Fast support


  • Fake reviews and information about writers
  • Aggressive marketing
Owned by Writeperfect Ltd
Years in operation 4
Minimal price per page $15.00
Deadline 1 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Hi everyone, today my choice fell on a quite well-known custom paper writing service - GradeMiners.org. The general layout of the site is quite user-friendly. They have the following interesting stuff on their main page:

  • a calculator (the feature that clearly distinguishes writing services among all the rest),
  • referral program (will discuss it in more details later),
  • free papers (from what I heard, these are the papers written by the writers and they publish them online if the customers do charge-backs),
  • free citation tool (pretty useful feature, but you can find it almost everywhere. My favorite citation tools are https://www.citefast.com/, http://www.citethisforme.com/walkthrough, and http://www.easybib.com/)
  • free plagiarism check (which asks you to provide your email immediately. I would rather not believe in the quality of such reports. Most likely, this is a marketing trick to get your personal info. I am very reluctant to share my personal info without a good reason)
  • writer block (I will discuss this issue in detail. Be ready for some shocking content!)
  • support block (honestly, not even worth talking about, clearly fake FB profiles. Real people don't behave like this on Facebook. If you check https://www.facebook.com/ted.ravenel.7 profile, you will see that he started working for GradeMiners in 2011. A brief revelation - the company website was registered in 2013, how on the Earth could this guy start working 2 years before the company inception is a huge question for me :D

Some parts of the website were quite annoying, like this SEO content at the bottom. No one is actually interested in this info, but Google ranks the site higher if they have such crap. But, is grademiners legit? Let's find out it together.

To summarize my first impression - great design, questionable content. 3.5 out of 5

Customer support

Customer support is okay. Chat support replied to me within a matter of minutes, whereas the support working on messages took over 9 minutes to provide me a reply to a simple query. Support Josh was okay, not overly friendly but he knew his job. He told me that the company, including support, was located in Albany, New York. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a support agent in Albany is $48.872 per year! https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Salaries/albany-support-specialist-salary-SRCH_IL.0,6_IM13_KO7,25.htm?countryRedirect=true Can you really imagine that a company would hire people from New York state to support their business?

So, is grademiners reliable? I have 2 assumptions: either they make tons of money and are willing to share, or they simply lie to you about the location. I will elaborate on my mathematics later on while touching the question of writers' salaries and the quality of their writing. Anyways, support was quite helpful and I have no reasons to diminish their professionalism. 4 out of 5. Good job!

My experience

I've read many grademiners reviews and got mixed feelings. That's why I decided to write this review. For the price, they offer GradeMiners came up with a surprisingly good quality of work. I ordered a 5-page research paper on Sociology with a deadline of 7 days.

The price for the undergraduate level was $99.75 without extras. The only negative experience I had was their very aggressive marketing! When I picked everything I needed in the order form, I saw the price of $133.64 and automatically pressed the Pay button. It turned out that they set TOP writer and SMS notifications as picked by default.

Of course, I asked for a refund and ended up with a decent paper without that extra crap. Dear Grademiners Management, if you are reading this, please do not behave like assholes by making the customer pay for the features they don't want! It's not a good business practice and I had to spend another 30 minutes to negotiate with support about a refund. Is grademiners scam? I just say, please value our time!

Order form

The order form has only one step where you put all paper details and upload the files. GradeMiners offer a huge variety of paid features:

  • According to support Jackie, Top writers are the best writers that we have. These writers have been working with us for a prolonged period of time. They built up a great reputation in our company; have the best results and statistics and the highest success rate, according to our customers' feedback. To me, this basically does not mean much, but they charge around an additional 30% for TOP writer. Not really worth the deal.
  • Plagiarism report will cost you $14.99, which is 5 bucks more expensive than on competitors' sites. As I said many times before, they do not protect you from paraphrasing and fake sources, only online copy and paste. Quite a useless feature.
  • VIP support for $9.99 promises to give faster support via phone, messages, email, but since their support is quite ok even without it, I consider VIP support to be a waste of money.
  • The initial draft for $2.99 can actually be a good deal. At least it's not that expensive and allows you to see the quality of writing before the main body of the paper is completed.
  • Professional quality check and high priority, both are the ripoffs. If you like to pay more for nothing, go for them lol
  • Updates via SMS for $3.99 can be a good deal if you don't have a stable internet connection. Otherwise useless.
  • 1-page summary for $29.99? No, thanks! I am not paying 30 bucks for a 5-minute work.

Discounts and pricing

Grademiners offer quite a reasonable pricing and a huge variety of different options that allow you to save more. I always say that the golden standard of the industry should be $15 per page of an undergraduate paper in 7 days.

If the company charges you more, then you should clearly understand the benefits of overpaying. I was given a 15% grademiners promo code in chat, which made my cost per page $16.95. More expensive than I usually pay but the quality was worth the amount overpaid. In my personal opinion, the GradeMiners is too expensive for urgent orders. I would never pay over $35 per page for something that's urgent. Your risk to get bad quality and lose money at the same time.

I also cannot quite understand the difference in quality between College and Undergraduate offered by GradeMiners. Like if you are a 2nd-year student in the university, would choose College level to jeopardize your grade?


Everything is just fine here. The revision period is 14 days for regular papers, 30 days for theses or dissertations, and 180 days for cases where plagiarism occurred. Just make sure to provide clear details, because you may not add any more information for revision.

Final quality

It took me a small revision to get everything done perfectly. I did not even have to do much editing myself. I suspect the writer being an ESL writer, but it seems that he/she was knowledgeable about the topic. 4.5 out of 5 for quality!

Writer's proficiency

The writers seem to be quite proficient in their fields, however, the company clearly misleads customers by stating that their top writers are Ivy League graduates. If you check the Facebook profiles of their TOP writers, you will see some similarities:

  • They all post once in a few months;
  • They all graduated from reputable universities, some of them even from Berkeley
  • They post pictures with their friends on a barbecue, playing football, etc. but NO ONE EVEN COMMENTS on them
  • All of them added Grademiners as their employer. If I had graduated from Berkeley, I would embarrass myself by putting a paper writing company in my resume, not saying FB page. My verdict - the FB writers' profiles are fake

I am not saying that their writers are bad, they are just not those old-fashioned people GradeMiners are trying to fabricate on Facebook. 3 out of 5 for misleading your customers!

People talking

While examining GradeMiners website, I noticed 3 big fat lies! If you are still reading my grademiners review then I have something interesting food for your thoughts.mLie #1 GradeMiners were registered at the end of 2013 and not in 2009

According to WhoIs.net, GradeMiners got their website domain registered in December 2013. However, when you visit their About Us page (https://grademiners.com/about), they claim that they operate since 2009. I do not believe that they operated those 4 years offline! We are living in the 21st century when all similar businesses work online.

Lie #2 The picture of their grand opening is actually taken from Main Street Hub openingA

Just compare these two pictures! It seems that GradeMiners have the same team as Main Street Hub does. Dear GradeMiners Management, you cannot steal someone's office pictures and pretend they are yours.

Pray gods that big companies don't sue you for stealing their content. As a paper writing website, you should know what plagiarism is and why it matters. Seems like the rules are not written for you. And don't say that this picture was merely taken for illustration purposes. This is theft and we both know it!

Lie #3 The picture of their office where people work all day and night belongs toa| Lloyd GroupYou may thank me for being too lazy to check every single picture you post, but this one is clearly not your office but an office of the New York branch of Lloyd Group (http://www.crainsnewyork.com/gallery/20121202/FEATURES/120209870/16).

I am not going to check what other fake reviews you guys post, but you ruined all good impression with a few pictures. 1 out of 5, very shady service

Loyalty program

GradeMiners offer a pretty sweet loyalty program that gives $50 for each referred customer (who has paid for his/her order) and gives the referred person another 15% off.

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Is grademiners trustworthy? In general, this service can be trustworthy because they did a good job with my paper. But the fake information on their website makes me doubt it.
Is grademiners a good service? I hate their aggressive marketing! As I wrote above, I automatically pressed the Pay button, where the paper cost was $133.64! Fortunately, I got my money back, but it made me nervous.
Is grademiners reliable? It seems to be a reliable service. The first paper version needed some improvements, but my writer quickly did a free revision, so it became perfect.
Is grademiners legit? I delved into information about the company's location, and it looked fake. Some facts make their location impossible, and you can read about it in the "Сustomer support" section.
Is grademiners scam? They offer 14 days for requesting free revisions and polishing regular papers, as for the large ones, the time limit is 30 days. They also provide a 180-day period for plagiarized papers.

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2.5 out of 5.0