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by Will Martins / Updated November 23, 2020

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Whenever you try to google the writing service and check on their reviews, there's always a chance that you will come across one of those fake review sites that hiddenly promote the service you are searching for and compromise the competitors. NEVER TRUST THESE SERVICES! Their only purpose is to sell you some bullcrap.

This reviewing site is 100% belongs to CoreForce Ltd. The funny thing is that they made CoreForce Ltd. and picture on all their sites so that Google does not index it

Affiliated websites:,,,,,,,,,,

Same owners as and - Universal Research Inc. (see the list of affiliated sites below)

These are Ukrainian scumbags who pretend to be a reputable reviewing website. "Average Ratings" is just hilarious! Dudes, hire a proofreader from one of the websites you advertise!

Affiliated websites:,,,,

Promotes two different companies just to look less suspicious. Affiliated sites: (one company),,,, (my best friends from CoreForce Ltd. Doing a great job with fake reviews, guys!)

Belongs to R.P.WRITING SMART LTD Affiliated websites:,,,,,

Also belongs to CoreForce Ltd. Affiliated websites:,,,,,,,,,,

Also belongs to CoreForce Ltd. You know why? They all have a shitty plagchecker Web check! Affiliated websites:,,,,,,,,,,

And here we are having a new player on the ground. Do you know your problem? You fucking use the same online chat provider Zendesk chat with the same chat icon on your review site and your customer sites. You guys are the champions in stupidity!

Affiliated websites:,,,

Owned and operated by Universal Research Inc. Affiliated websites:,,,,

Run and operated by ONE Freelance Ltd. Quite smart guys but still got caught by me :D Affiliated websites: EssayShark, Bid4Papers, and CustomWritings (but they have over 30 websites that I will be writing about in a different article)

Owned and operated by Universal Research Inc. Affiliated websites:,,,,

Affiliated websites:,,,,,,,,,

This is one of the few "review websites" that offers customer support. Lol! Who would ever believe that someone will write these reviews, support customers, and not have his/her share from the sales?

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