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by Will Martins / Updated August 08, 2023

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We've all been there. We've been purchasing something online and we've been asked to confirm our payment details in order for the vendor to be sure that we authorized the payment. This aspect of working with clients is especially important for paper writing companies. Guess, why? Because of chargebacks, of course! Therefore, in the majority of cases, every new client of a paper writing company is being asked to verify his/her payment.

Why do they do it?

It's simple. Just like any other online business, any paper writing company is being continuously overwhelmed by the rates of chargebacks and unauthorized transactions. There are either fraudulent transactions made from stolen credit cards or payments from non-card-holders.

For example, a client orders a paper using his parent's or friend's credit card without their consent. Of course, once they figure out this transaction, they will reverse it because they did not authorize it.

In such a case, the paper writing company loses the client's payment, loses the money paid to the writer, and loses the paper itself. That's because the chargebacks tend to happen way after the order's approval.

And in order to prevent this from happening, paper writing companies develop various verification policies and procedures aimed to confirm the payment with the buyer and ensure its safety.

What's the procedure?

The procedure is rather simple, but it's not the most convenient for clients. I gotta admit that for a first-timer, it might be rather confusing and suspicious to receive a phone call from the paper writing company's representative asking him to confirm the payment.

However, if you're going to order a paper for the first time, don't worry about this. The support team just wants to talk to you and make sure that it was really you who's paid for the paper. Moreover, it's a great characteristic of a paper writing company that wishes to verify the payments.

So, in order to verify the payment, you'll be called over the phone and either asked to tell the basic payment details (nothing too personal and suspicious, just the same info that you've input during the payment) or you'll be asked to upload the photo of your ID and credit card used for payment. That's where things get tricky, right?

I don't want to send them my documents!

Of course, you don't. Neither does anyone else. Still, in the majority of cases, you won't be asked for this. The paper writing companies ask for docs if you've paid a huge sum of money. Like, for example, you've paid something around $500-600, which is very expensive for the first order.

In such a case, the paper writing company tends to consider such payments suspicious and wants to ensure their safety. I know that it might be a real pain in the neck for you, but you cannot really blame the companies aiming to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Moreover, you are always asked to hide all the personal and private information from the photos of your documents. It's because the companies don't really need your private details, they just want to see your full name on your ID and full name on a credit card with a certain part of the credit card number (usually last 4 digits).

That's all. I know that this is a privacy concern, but let me assure you, all the payment information is being forwarded to the company with the payment. In other words, they already see the payment details that you've included to make a payment. Companies just need to confirm them and nothing more.

You either make it easy or too complicated.

What do I mean by that? The process of payment verification is really simple and does not take a lot of time to do. Like, answering 2-3 questions over the phone takes less than 2 minutes. The same goes for submitting your verification documents if you've made an expensive order. Otherwise, you can argue with the Support team asking to verify your payment wasting time and getting more and more frustrated.

So, don't be really paranoid about this. The trustworthy companies don't store the payment information and obviously ensure its privacy. They want to ensure that the payment is authorized and confirmed with you to be on the safe side about this. You should also think about verification as a means of ensuring your safety too because of the aforementioned reasons.

As usual, if you don't know who you can trust and what paper writing company to choose, make sure to check our reviews of the most trustworthy and helpful paper writing companies on the Internet details

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