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by Will Martins / Updated November 23, 2020

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If you're looking for a short answer to this question, then I won't waste your time and tell you the following. No, it's not worth it. The only case when it's worth it is when you personally know the writer, trust him, and his proficiency, and are also assured that he will do the desired paper for you adequately. Otherwise, don't bother searching for a writer by yourself. Consider using a paper writing company instead.

Now, for the reasons why I think so.

Searching for a writer is a pain!

Trust me, you've got no time for searching for a person that is capable of doing some work for you. Of course, you can try searching for a writer among various freelance platforms.

However, you've got no guarantee that your writer will be proficient in your discipline, will be a responsible person, and will actually do the job. Moreover, in case your topic and your discipline require specialized proficiency, your chances of finding a writer on your own decrease even further.

Payment issues

How are you going to pay your writer? If you're paying in advance, there's a risk of him just disappearing with your money. And don't dream of finding a writer who'll write a paper for you first and then ask for money. Trust issues.

Next, what payment method are you going to use? Not all writers have PayPal or Payoneer and not all of them can receive payments directly from your credit card. Using cryptocurrency would be a solution for this; but, it's not that popular among both sides involved.

So, you've gotta figure out which way of payment can be used for paying your writer. Also, don't forget that freelancers may also ask for a high salary for their work. So, in some cases, using a writer directly will not be cheaper than paying a custom paper writing company.

Communication problems

Just ask yourself, how are you going to communicate with the writer? Sure, he/she may have a Facebook page or WhatsApp number, where your writer can be reached. But, your writer will not be reachable 24/7.

Therefore, he won't be capable of answering your questions or resolving your problems any time you need him to. In other words, he won't be capable (and won't be responsible) for providing you with assistance similar to the Support Team of paper writing companies.

No extras and no guarantees!

First and foremost, a writer found without a paper writing company will not be capable of guaranteeing delivery of original, non-plagiarized work on time. Moreover, you won't be capable of asking for a refund, requesting unlimited revisions, initiating a dispute because you've got no intermediary that can perform these operations.

Also, such a writer will not be capable of providing you with a plagiarism report, grammar check, or any other extra generally offered by paper writing companies. Of course, you might not need them, but with such a writer, you won't get them anyway.

So, it's up to you, but I'd like you not

Sure, it's worth assuming the fact that you might find a writer, who'll be responsible and capable of delivering a quality paper.

He'll also be trustworthy and his service will not be more expensive than the same paper writing companies. Still, let's be realists here. The odds are against you here. Trust me, using a paper writing service will save your time and nerves considerably.

It's really hard to find a good paper writing service that does its job well and does not charge several hundred dollars for a simple research paper. Imagine, how hard can be to find a writer then. Still, nobody's stopping you. However, if you ask me, I'd recommend you not to work with a writer directly unless he's your close friend or relative.

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