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Evolutionwriters Review

4.0 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: June 29, 2021
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

Short overview

Evolutionwriters Review


  • 15% OFF for your first order


  • Slow and not really helpful Support Team
  • Aggressive promotion of more expensive writers
  • The writing quality of a random writer is mediocre
  • Discounts are offered only for expensive orders
  • Only 3 free revisions per order
Owned by CoreForce Ltd
Years in operation 11
Minimal price per page $10.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Hey guys! It's time I shared some pros, cons, and my personal opinion about Evolutionwriters.com a custom paper writing service that promises you the best quality for one of the lowest prices on the market. In short, my impressions are highly mixed. This website has given me an average paper which has got me a passing degree, but their support was really awful. It was slow and unhelpful. Okay, now to the details.

Is Evolutionwriters legit? The company tries its best to assure potential clients that yes. I liked the website's design, to be honest. In particular, the light and whitish design combined with light blue color really look pleasing to me. As you can see, the main page contains a price calculator and a button allowing you to order a callback.

Once you click on it and leave your phone number, the Support Team is supposed to call you back and help you place your order. You can also call them or chat with them directly from the website. But if you don't wanna talk to them, you can place an order on your own, just click the necessary button. Here you can also check the overall process of their work and their prices.

Still, you have to scroll through all the website to find the info about revision and refund policies. Not really comfortable and seems shadowy because why hiding this info? Dunno.

Basically, the screenshot above shows how does their service work. Seems simple, right? But don't get too excited, the service will become less attractive for you. Let's start with their Support Team.

Support team

Now let me show you this conversation. The screenshot is offered below.

If you did not notice already, it took 7 minutes (!) for Derrick to reply to my question. I really don't think that I was asking too sophisticated questions requiring some investigation, data collection, and analysis that might have taken SEVEN MINUTES! I really had enough time to play with my roommate's dog and make myself a cup of coffee during that time.

Moreover, I could have cared less about Derrick's slow responses if they were at least somewhat relevant to my question. It was my first order with those guys, and I just wanted to have a discount for it. Instead of giving me a discount code or politely explaining that they did not have discounts, Derrick started saying irrelevant stuff. I'm sorry, maybe this fella was a newbie, but you gotta train your guys better, especially the newbies. 1 out of 5 for the Support Team.

My experience

As you can see, my experience with these guys was not really great from the start. But I needed a paper anyway, and I really hoped that their writers were much better than the Support Team.

So, I ordered a research paper that should have contained five pages about Philosophy. I had a week to complete it, so my order had six days deadline (because they offer either 6 or 10 days inconvenient as ever). I've paid $105, which is an acceptable price for me. Thank God, I had an extra day for my paper to be submitted because the assigned writer was late.

He was just a couple of hours late, but it's lateness anyway. And I got C for the paper, which was satisfactory. Guess what? I can write a C-paper on my own!

Order form

The order form of this website is minimalistic to the extent that it looks primitive. The order is supposed to be placed in two stages. The first stage includes the number of pages, the topic, the deadline, etc. The second stage is dedicated to choosing extras.

It's nice that they have all these extras like evolutionwriters.com plagiarism report and SMS notifications, but why not tell the exact prices of these additional services? Does not seem to be that honest.

And that's it. In order to figure out what is the price of extras, you've got to browse through the pricing policy section. You will perform additional work and waste even more time figuring out what you need and, more importantly, what you can afford.

Discounts and pricing

As I've said, the prices of these guys are relatively low when compared to their competitors. Basically, that's the decisive factor for me because I've got a really limited budget for this. So their prices start from almost $10 per page for an undergraduate paper, $16 per page for the Bachelor, $19 for the Professional and $41 for the Admission Help.

In other words, the more complex your paper is, the more you will have to pay. Their discount policy, however, is a disappointment, to be honest. Just look below, you can get only two types of discounts:

So, you have to spend really significant sums of money to get an evolution writers discount. I really hoped to get any discount for my first order from the Support Team, but as you remember, I had no luck with this.

In other words, unless you're gonna spend hundreds and thousands of dollars you should forget about any possibility of getting a discount there. Another disappointing factor is the prices for their extras. And it's not the prices themselves, it's how they're offered and explained to the buyers.

In short, you gotta read several paragraphs about the benefits of their extras and only then you'll be given the price. Look at this pic below. Instead of writing two lines about the prices, Evoulutionwriters have decided to write several paragraphs instead. The clients have to spend time checking and reading all this redundant info. Not cool.


Is Evolutionwriters.com reliable? The paper was late, and I had to spend several hours reviewing it. I spent money and had to revise the paper myself. Basically, these guys offer three free revisions within seven days after the order's approval.

If your paper contains more than 20 pages, you can send it for revision within 14 days after approval. Maybe these revisions will help somebody else because they did not help me whatsoever.

Final quality

My professor has given C for this paper. It's a passing grade, but he was really surprised that I used such language and words in the assignment. He advised me to improve my vocabulary because I used such a simple language in my paper.

It was really unpleasant hearing it. What I don't understand, why did I spend time and money on Evolutionwriters? Because I write better than these guys and my writing is free.

Writer`s proficiency

He was late, he was not cooperative, and he didn't write me a single message about my order. That's basically all you gotta know about my experience with the writers here.

People talking

I was afraid that I was not the only one unsatisfied with Evolutionwriters. And when searching for Evolutionwriters.com reviews, I found this on Sitejabber:

Like, I get it, you might consider me somewhat biased or even unlucky. But I doubt the bad luck was following all these people during their experiences with Evolutionwriters. If you don't believe me, read the Evolutionwriters reviews from other people prior to purchasing from these guys.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program of these guys is not based on giving discounts to long-term clients. I mean, you should be really lucky enough to stay with Evolutionwriters for long.

Instead, they've got a referral program, which allows you to invite your friends to use the website. With each purchase they make, you're promised to get some percentage from their orders, stored on your account. This so-called credit. You can further use it in your future orders. The process is briefly illustrated here:

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Is evolutionwriters.com fraud? No, but I don't recommend ordering there. The writer missed my deadline and didn't want to cooperate with me ignoring my paper instructions.
Is evolutionwriters.com reliable? Unfortunately, not. I got my paper late and didn't have time to request a free revision. So I had to proofread and edit by myself to submit it on time.
What is evolutionwriters.com rating? It's suspicious, but all Evolutionwriters reviews divide into one and five stars feedback. Consequently, it makes me doubt the company's rating.
Is evolutionwriters.com legit? They offer 3 free revisions that you can request within 7 days. But if your paper contains more than 20 pages, than you have a 14-day limit to polish it.
Is evolutionwriters.com scam? It's not a scam, because I got a written paper from them, but it brought me a C instead of a promised A grade! This writing service is just a waste of time and money.

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