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Paymetodoyourhomework Review

3.0 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: June 30, 2021
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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Paymetodoyourhomework Review


  • Solid writing without many mistakes that can get B or A


  • Outlandish prices starting at $29 per page
  • Few Paymetodoyourhomework reviews and those are negative
  • Slow and complicated order procedure with no control over the price
  • No real-time customer support
Years in operation 10
Minimal price per page $29.00
Deadline 4 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Is Pay Me To Do Your Homework legit? That's a million-dollar question! Not literally, but they come close. But I'll tell you more about their prices later. For now, I have to admit their website doesn't look too shabby. It's clean and simple, quick to load, and user-friendly all around.

The only thing I hated about this website was the founder's story on the homepage. Why should I care about Jessica Mott? Why should I believe her words? I would rather prefer to see honest customer reviews, but that's another sore spot for this company.

Overall, the website made a mediocre first impression, my opinion went up and down several times while I scrolled down the endless homepage.

Customer support

What's the easiest and quickest way to get answers from a writing company? It's a live chat or phone call. Well, this website offers neither option. It's like they don't want you to know Paymetodoyourhomework phone number and call them with your complaints about the order.

The lack of round-the-clock online support was also an unpleasant surprise.

The two ways to get in touch with the company included their email and feedback form. The contact page did not even offer the Paymetodoyourhomework.com location.

Later, I found the address at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions page. There was a phone number as well, though it was too late to call and ask questions, as I've already placed an order.

My experience

It was slow and painful at times, especially during the ordering process. I was just about ready to give up and move on to another writing company. Astronomical prices with no real-time support and promises of good quality were not the best mix for me either.

In the end, I got my paper, and it was okay. Would I repeat this process again? Not unless they cut their prices in half and add an online price calculator. But let's start at the beginning.

Order form

They don't call it an order form. Instead, it's a free quote form, though I did not find many differences aside from the lack of the estimated cost.

Anyway, it started with my contact info. And isn't it hypocritical? The company doesn't offer much in terms of contacts but wants to know your email and phone number as well as the full name.

The funny thing is they do not accept .edu email addresses. I guess they don't want to get in trouble again (more on that later).

I wanted to order an essay for my History class with five days to spare. Due time toggles cracked me up because they wanted me to specify time to the minute. I was just waiting for a separate field for seconds but had no such luck.

Another strange thing was the last checkbox differentiating new and existing clients. I guess they want you to input your contacts anew every time you place an order.

Discounts and pricing

The few Paymetodoyourhomework reviews I found complained about extremely high prices, but I still couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the lowest estimates. They want you to pay $99+ for a week of taking your online course! And papers come for $29 per page and up.

It's no wonder my three-page essay cost over $100. That was way beyond my usual budget, but I wanted to give those outstanding all-American writers a try. I guess this company is too good to offer discounts to first-time clients, so I had to pay the full price.


I'm not even sure Paymetodoyourhomework provides any. I found no mentions of them in Terms and Conditions. What I found was Grade Guarantee.

The company promises to refund your payment if you get a grade below 80%. Full refunds are available for grades below 70%, while orders that get between 70% and 79% lead to partial refunds.

Let me know if you've managed to wrangle a refund from this company. I found no proof their Grade Guarantee had worked for anyone.

Final quality

I have to agree with that rant of a Paymetodoyourhomework.com review I found on Trustpilot. The paper I got was good. Aside from a couple of typos and misspellings, the writing was logical and structured.

I'm sure I could have written something even better, but I had no time for research. Overall, I was satisfied with the essay, ridiculously overpriced as it was.

Writer's proficiency

I know what you are thinking. If the paper I got was okay, is Paymetodoyourhomework legit? Are their writers really professionals living in the US?

I have no way to check this, but I have to agree it seems like my paper was written by a native speaker or at least someone with a good command of English. The research was also solid, but it is not a sure sign of an academic degree.

People talking

You would think there would be a thriving Paymetodoyourhomework Reddit community discussing prices, sharing reviews, and experience. And you would be wrong. I didn't find a single post about this company.

Of course, that didn't stop me on my quest for Pay Me To Do Your Homework reviews. I found one review on Trustpilot and SiteJabber each, and they painted a strange picture.

The one on SiteJabber claimed the company did not complete the assignment worth $600. The one on Trustpilot was a rant about the company's prices, and I have to agree with most of the complaints. Sure, the writing quality is good, but it is not worth that much.

I also found a particularly interesting disclaimer. I googled the company name and ASU and found a scandal dated back to 2014. The university administration learned that hundreds of ASU students were using this website and lashed out against the company.

Now, none of the ASU students can enjoy Paymetodoyourhomework services.

Loyalty program

Even if there had been one, I wouldn't have joined. The prices are way too high for my budget, and unless they offer 50% to 70% discounts to regular customers, I don't see myself coming back.

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Is paymetodoyourhomework.com legit? I doubt it. There is no revision policy, and I can hardly call their refund policy normal or fair. Moreover, given the scandal with ASU, it seems they do not protect customer personal data.
Is paymetodoyourhomework.com trustworthy? When I was searching for some Paymetodoyourhomework reviews, I found a scandal dated back in 2014. The university administration learned that students were getting help from them, so I do not recommend ordering there.
What is paymetodoyourhomework.com rating? The company's online rating varies greatly. On SiteJabber, the company has one star, while on Trustpilot, its rating is 3.6. Nevertheless, there are many negative reviews and complaints about lost money.
Is paymetodoyourhomework.com safe? Paymetodoyourhomework does not seem to provide free revisions as there is no mention of it. You can only get a refund that is based on the grade you get for a paper.
Is paymetodoyourhomework.com scam? Fortunately, I got a paper from them, and it even was of good quality. But as I wrote above, this service is ridiculously overpriced.

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